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In the main most of my fun has been with guys however there have been some notable exceptions one of which came as a total shock to us both.Coming ori...inally from a seaside town on the south coast of England I had never been to Blackpool. Ted, coming from the North of England had been many times and he told me of some quite wild experiences he’d had there. In the end I badgered him to take me so he organised a weekend trip there. We had a great time the first night and I was really enjoying the. 'Oh I am so ready for this,' She said, as she rubbed his bulging member through his pants. She couldn't take it and pulled them down. Her eyes went wide and her mouth opened as his big, heavy cock flopped out. 'Look at this,' She said, weighing it in her hand, 'It's bigger than my forearm! Marcus – do you mind if we measure it against sissy? He needs to see what a proper cock is, as he still tries to fuck me with that pathetic thing.' I blushed at this, but was strangely aroused by this. When the waiter left, we pounced on each other. I smooched her madly sucking her lips and playing with her tongue. She was equally involved and sucking my tongue and inserting her tongue in my mouth. I removed her top and capris. She was fair, in her red lacy bra and black panties with purple designs. She had bought it exclusively for our meeting on my demand. I started smelling her armpits and was licking and sucking them continuously with my hand pressing the boobs non-stop. She enjoyed the. ,” I said touching her cheek. ” We both are married, That’s not fair.” I looked at her, put my hands on her chest. I tilted my head. “Do you think it is possible for two married people to love one another for a life or that would be for one moment, for one brief period of time?”” she rested her head onmy shoulder. My erection pressed into her lower abdomen, while I was trying to convince her to finish what we had started.“Yes, I believe it’s possible, if we are sincere to each other.” The.
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