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"Take off all your clothes, mom", he said as he unzipped his pants and drew out his young cock. Gladys hesitated and her son continued. "Do it now. ...These are posted to a porn site...actually about a half dozen porn sites...but if you don't do what I tell you to, when I tell you to, then I'll post them to sites where all your friends will find them, including dad."Submissively, Gladys began to peel away her clothing as her son grabbed his digital camera and began taking pictures. "Smile into. She had considered this matter seriously, and realized that she wanted to be a virgin until she turned 18, but then become a slut. Now, today, she planned to lose her cherry before the day ended. She had to make sure that she acted on her decision, and did not back out of it.Angie loved the idea of sex, but, somehow, boys her own age just had no appeal to her. She dared not go for older men, until she was legal, because she did not want to lose her lovers to prison. She wanted them to stay free. You remember Joanne was perming him."David remembered the scary women who showed up. That must have beenZelda. My God she was a piece of work. Not bad looking but somethingwas really scary about her. He held his tongue. If Ellen and she werelovers he better not say anything."Does she own a clothing store?" Not A clothing store, four of them and a mail order business. If youwant sexy shit you go to Zelda. Her stuff makes Victoria's Secret looklike an Amish Thrift Shop. Oh that reminds me. He squeezed the huge muscle "Flex for me John!" Cenaenthusiastically obeyed the younger man.Seth was genuinely impressed with Cena's body. Knowing the hard work ittakes he admired what John had been able to achieve with it. He ran hishand up to John's massive shoulders, and down his arms squeezing themuscle, enjoyed its feeling even through the gloves, watching it tense ashe explored his colleagues body."Take off the gloves!" demanded John."Shut! Your! Mouth!" Seth replied forcefully, "I'm.
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