I AM DASI CPL – 10 DEC mp4 porn

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I felt like I was in heaven and was desperate to fuck the most sexiest angel there. She forced me to lick her pussy as if I was her slave and thank go... she didn’t cum in my mouth. I fingered her G-Spot and she cummed a lot.She started rubbing my dick over her pussy and asked for me a condom I said I never had sex before to carry a condom all the time. Then she said please be careful and don’t leave your sperm inside me. Somewhere inside I felt that she was a whore but who cares if a slut offers. I'd cheated Death for so long that Icouldn't bring myself to let the stubborn old codger win, no matterwhat. I still don't want to.Not now that I finally have something to live for.Why should I suddenly feel this way? It can't be because I'm finallyhappy; whatever I'm experiencing it doesn't exactly fit my definition ofhappiness. Can it be that women feel things differently than men do? Irefuse to accept that; I don't believe I've changed at all on theinside. Of course, I may be too close. Melissa moans and kisses me then whispers to me how good my finger feels in her tight asshole.Melissa the starts fucking me harder riding me like a wild woman .Mel then starts to have a body shaking orgasm.Her orgasm is so big that me and the floor are soaking wet. Melissa then gets off my throbbing cock gets on all fours and tells me to fuck her tight asshole. I slowly enter my cock in her beautifully puckered asshole. God damn what a beautiful sexy tight ass Melissa has .I slowly fuck her ass. There was a bowl made of clay with chits in it. Warden ordered me to pick one. It had a number on it which was 9. She went into a room and asked no. 9 to come. She told me that you are very lucky, which I didn’t understand until a girl around 22-24 of age came up. She was very beautiful, having the right curves.The girl was told by the warden. I am the new prisoner and have opted for level 3 punishment for 3 months. Hearing this, her face became a little pale. The warden told me that she will.
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