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And clamping her buttocks tight, squeezing his prick with her cunt, causing him to gasp with pleasure."Oh, yeah!" He groaned. "Wanna fuck, do ya?" He ...aid and promptly rammed himself deeply into her to Marlene's delight."Oh, fuck yes! Oh, God yes!" she cried. "Come on! Come on, do me! She yelled her face flushed with lust, and mouth hanging open as she panted like a dog in heat.Cable sat alongside them, watching but finished for the night as a participant. He marveled at the sight of Marlene's. I sat down at my desk and started applying my make-up. Feeling quite happy with myself and the job I was doing, I pulled out my wig and pulled it on, I flipped my head forward to loosen it up and flipped it back to comb it out. "Almost done," I thought to myself and stood to get into my wall locker to retrieve my favorite dress. As I stepped back to check it out, I heard the most peculiar noise and realized I wasn’t alone anymore. I stood perfectly still, and waited for what seemed like an. She always tried to pay attention during sex, but sometimes things get into a pattern and you take things for granted. This time she concentrated. She felt his cock swell within her just before he moaned his ecstasy. Of course his semen was spurting up inside her. She'd never felt the stuff actually spurting out with any guy, so she'd stopped thinking about it. She naturally focused on the parts of him she could see and feel. But now she imagined what it would be like to know his thoughts.. “One problem you’ll be causing me is if, you don’t touch me! I love you Karen and need you and Dan.”Wendy reassured Karen, guiding her fingers into her yearning pussy. She moaned softly as her digits gently fucked her.Dan, Wendy, and Karen entered Doctor Carla Mackenzie’s outer room, noticing it was empty and the door to her office open. Karen went to the entrance and saw Carla at her desk making notes in a folder.“Hi Carla, we’re back from our meeting with Janet.”Carla stood from her large.
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