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"You're beautiful," he told Bethany and brushed a stray lock of her curls behind her ear. "It's a shame we can't touch." His eyes worked across her bo...y and with how they lingered at her stiff nipples she could guess where he would like to touch. "It's just a blowjob," Allison reminded him as she cupped the package in the front of his pants. Their eyes met and for a long moment Bethany was sure they were going to kiss. It never happened. "You know, that's something your roommate hardly ever. I was mystified just what she was talking about but as I never really did anything on weekends I said ok. “Oh good” she said “I will pick you up at 2pm Saturday. Is a little out of town, about half an hour’s drive”. Oh course my mind was running rampant. What was it all about? Was she, in fact, setting me in some lesbian situation? I had never been with a woman, never even contemplating such a thing. I hoped that wasn’t what she was suggesting.Saturday 2pm arrived and I walked out when she. She had no responsibility in the world except to him.He led her by the hand into the hotel, up to the twelfth floor and to his room, which overlooked the crowded beach. As soon as he closed the door, he spoke only one word. "Strip."A hot blush raced over her body, as she was flooded with embarrassment, but she removed the dressed quickly. Her nipples crinkled up in the cool air and stood at attention."Spread your legs slightly," he directed. "Arms straight out."She saw him take the riding crop. Josh and joseph were so crazy with dere fantasy they had a sound proof basement at there house so they planned abut getting atleast 1 of the family members for a fun weekend..obserbing the family movements for a few days 1 day at the evening almost dark they rushed into the house keeping there van outside they had fake guns on their hand little did the uneducated villager know it was fake they tought it was real.. the villager was terrified telling they had nothing they put the gun on the girls.
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