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When we are having the dinner she asked me that `what did you do in bathroom that took that much time?’. I said that nothing I did and next she aske... me I know what you did in bathroom and added this is common in this age, tell me what you did in the bathroom.I said that I am having feelings on you and said that when I went in the bathroom I saw yours panty and bra which is of red in colour and I took the panty which is you wore for really 10 hours that is from morning to evening ( office time. They were cuddled together and holding hands. I was nosey, so I asked, "What's up with you two? Tammy, I thought you didn't like Hal as a possibility for a boyfriend."Tammy gave Hal a peck on the cheek and answered, "I didn't like tongue-tied, stuttering Hal as a boyfriend. He finally got over that. I LIKE this Hal just fine."Hal smiled as Tammy gave him another kiss. "Tammy is my date for the spring dance next Friday night." The rest of our group congratulated the new couple. It was about time. In a matter of moments she’s on the other side of the bar, and the daydream is over, as a barman recognizes the Twenty I have been waving around and comes up to me. I laugh to myself, even in my fantasies I can’t get off! ‘Yes mate?” He shouts across the heavy beat of the music filling the club. I’m about to ask for the two obligatory beers when I spot Lenny sitting with a woman, to his right, having what looks to all the world like a conversation. Unlikely I think, but changing my mind on the. Gripping his lover’s slim, white hips he fucked deep and fast into the sexy French vampire and felt Nicolas clench hard around his thrusting cock as he collapsed back into the rumpled nest of bedclothes. Jets of milky cum zapped Chavez’s naked belly and trickled down into the neatly trimmed, black treasure trail leading to his own pulsating dick. ‘Joder!’ he moaned as the wetness of his lover’s semen spilled like cool cream around the base of his shaft and dripped onto his swollen balls..
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