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I made the whole thing up… well most of it. I have more thoughts at the end. I hope you enjoy the story.The PinMy name is Cindy; I’m twenty one old and in my third year of college. I’m about five foot six and weigh about one thirty. I have hazel eyes and natural chestnut hair which changes to auburn when I’m in the sun a lot. I don’t want to sound vain but a lot of my girlfriends say that I’m very pretty. I go to school about twenty miles from my parent’s house and I’m still living at. I am not without want. But, my desires are contained by this tranquil energy between us. I can wait a little longer.Pillow talk has been missing from our relationship for quite some time. I talk to her, ask her about her dreams for our future, as I caress her body. It is exciting to make plans for our family. These plans stoke the fires of hope rising within us. After some time, we drift off to sleep, clinging to each other.The movement on the mattress wakes me. I open my eyes to see her in a. What does it look like?This is terrible."I, uh," I stammer."I just took that dress off five minutes ago and you're already wearingit!" she scolds. "Take it off!" she demands. "Take it off, right now!"she repeats."Babe..." Dave calls from the doorway. "You okay?" he says but his wordshang there.Dave smiles broadly."You don't want to wear girl's clothes, eh?" he teases. "I didn't meanit," he mocks me."Take it off!" Emma's stuck on loop.She claws at the zipper and it slides down. She wrestles the. "C'mon, let's go," I whispered to Amelia, who herself had reddened in theface, out of sheer annoyance I would have thought."No, I'm playing," she said, throwing herself into the match againstLouie's wishes and joining up with the team one man short, who lookedsurprised and annoyed themselves, until she dribbled past three of theopposing team and they realised her to be an asset."C'mon Jessie," Amelia cried from the middle of the game, "startplaying." No," Louie shouted, "we've got even teams.
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