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I got talking to Rob about something (I don't remember what) and he came into my bedroom. That was not the first time I had a boy my own age in my bed...oom, so my Mother didn't find it suspicious and UI don't think I had any inkling where the visit was going to end up.In my bedroom, alone together, there was an awkward silence .... we looked into each others eyes .... I felt my cock stiffen, real hard. I had been in this situation before with a couple of other friends who tried to get into my. Annie started to come again and I grabbed her hips and pulled her cunt down to my mouth, sucking and licking her sweet juices from her. Annie moaned loud around Mike's cock, and her hips shook and quivered against my face.Mike pulled his fingers from my cunt and let Annie lick them off as she laid on the bed. "Suck her wet come" He told Annie and she was greedily sucking his fingers. Annie seemed to change, her attitude was so wanton and sluttish that she'd do anything. "Lick her asshole" Mike. Meree Chut see juice ek jharnee kee tarah bah rahaa thaa aur Rahul sadap .saddap kee aavaz kartee hueee uskoo apnee jheebh see chaat rahaa thaa.Mee bhee lund koo chap…chhap kee avvaz nikaltee huee chus rahee thee. Achanak Rahul nee mere gufaa see apnaa munh hataa liyaa aur apnaa chotu bhee mere munh see kheench kar nikal liya. Usnee mere gaand kee nechee ek Takiyaa lagyaa mere tangee bahut chodee kee mujhee lagaa kee kahee itnee chodee tangoo see he mere chut fat naa zayee. Aur apnee lund kaa. Dave whispered into her ear.“I'm gonna put my cock in your mouth, and your gonna suck it like it is your favorite lolly, cause if you don't I gonna let Bill here fuck you as hard as he can. Lorna was still breathing heavily, her chest and boobs rising and falling rapidly. She would of done anything to stop him fucking her, and all the men knew it.Crying she said. “O.K. Do.. Do what you want, just not him. I.... I can't take it.Surprisingly Bill pulled out and was replaced by Dean between her.
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