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Mom is (unsurprisingly) older than Marcie, so I was going to be going back further, changing memories from decades ago. Anything could have gone wrong... and I really didn’t want to accidentally mess things up.And so I decided to change something relatively (no pun intended) small: her self-esteem. If I could change how Mom felt about her body, maybe I could convince her to show some more skin around the house. And if I could do that, maybe she wouldn’t mind if Lucy started showing some more skin. Mein mami ki taraf ghuma aur unke chuchi ko press karne laga. Woh garam ho rahi thi tabhi unhone mera hath apne chut pe rahkha aur masalne lagi mein samajh gaya woh kya chahti thi.Meine unki chut ko ragadne aur masalne laga.Kafi tight ho chuki thi unki chut aur ful bhi gayi thi kyunki usmein kafi raas bhara tha.Mein unki chut ko ungli kar raha tha aur woh mere lund ko aage piche kar rahi thi.Yeh sab rajai ke andar chal raha tha.Phir slowly mami ne apna pyjama utar diya chupke se aur meine dhyan. And slap me. Or command me to lick her cunt. Or kiss her feet. I was never, never, never to fuck her. And after she humiliated me and made me lick her or finger her to an orgasm, that's when she would show mercy on me. If I asked, she would stroke me and make me cum in a condom, or gift me a blowjob. But those were rare and it never got further.A few times while we were in the house, I had gotten bold and had pawed her breasts and hugged and kissed her -- like I did tonight at the bathroom --. "Hum.. no, not really." Whatever that meant... "Do you live close by?" Yes, there!" While I was pointing to my living room."Wow, nice place. I'm sure you have the beers there...!" She asked."Perhaps!" And I smiled at her winking her at the same time."We have 35 cents, can you sell us one??!" The guy asked in a funny way."Ahha, I'm sure I'll find something for you to clean at my place so you can pay for the beer, keep the 35 cents."So we went to my place, we kept talking. They were really nice.
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