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Her vagina.It’s very wet by then.I started licking the hole which is very wet.Her love juices continue to flow at a great rate.I liked and started d...inking.She is on cloud 9.After licking for 10 mins, She got up all of a sudden and stopped me, caught hold of my dick and started sucking it.She kept the whole length until her throat.She sucked it liked a professional.She loved it and me too.Now she asked me to enter her hole.I thought for a second for safety measure. But she said to enter. Would be approx 3 in the morning when I started making my moves and slowly touched her hand and moved it a little bit to find out whether she is fast asleep or awake and as thought she was sleeping heavily and that is when I started slowly feeling her breast from top of her nighty and let me tell you that I am mad about beautiful breast and do not ever miss a chance to have a look at that sight.I kept slowly feeling her breast and then slowly started pressing and trying to locate her nipples. Her voice rang out from the kitchen. She told me to sit on the couch and said that she would be in to join me very soon. It was a beautifully warm night, and as I made myself comfortable on the plush sofa, I found myself nodding off. I was awoken with a start by Sara's voice behind me. As I sat up suddenly, I turned to my right and saw my daughter leaning over the back of the couch, her right hand outstretched holding a tray on which were balanced two drinks. 'Just as you like it, sir', she. Anything else you need?"...."silver bear"...i whispered. "yessss" he softly replied. He then began to come over to the stall i quickly unlatched and retreated to the corner no knowing what i was going to see. I could hear my heart face got hot. He opened and immediately his eyes got big. He was a heavier set horseshoe cut trucker type with a big pot belly. He quickly snuck in and latched the door. He began unbuckling saying " your a hot peice of ass..." i dropped to my knees ...he.
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