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He grabbed my pink rabbit vibrator from the drawer as he put the lube back. As he shoved his large cock in my ass, he turned my vibrator on high inten...ity and jammed it into my pussy. He had great rhythm. Every thrust in my ass was matched my his hand sliding the vibrator in and out of my pussy.My body gave into another orgasm, "Oh. Ahh. Ahh. Uhm. Yeah."As my body shook, my head buried into the pillow, he slowed his pumping. He dropped my vibrator, jammed himself all the way into my ass, and. I saw her laying back against the wall up on the edge and said spread them beautiful legs for me so I can dig in. she brought both legs up and held them wide and high as I went down to suck on her lips and Todd saw me eating his cum as it dripped down her thigh. I thought I heard a moan out of him but wasn't sure. I ate her pussy and sucked her clit for a while and she began to moan while i got her worked up. I then felt something nudge my cheeks and then I felt it again. it was Todd getting. She turned and slowly hung up the phone. It had been two years since a man had offered up a compliment any kind of to her. She had forgotten how good it felt to be appreciated, to be needed. Even though they had only known each other a couple of days, she felt the invisible cords weaving their hearts closer. I dashed back to my apartment, showered and changed, and took off across town for the appointment with Abigail. The guard to Barb and Abigail's neighborhood remembered me. "OH, it's you. I was hoping to join you when I was sure you were really getting it on, but waited too long and you were already finished when I barged in. It was just such a hot thought when I considered that I had caught you two fucking that I couldn't pass up the chance to be a part of it."Carol studied her for a moment. "So in addition to you fucking your brother and the two of you looking for public places to do it, you are also interested in threesomes?" Not just threesomes in general," explained.
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