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"It doesn't sell well here and if yourfriend doesn't like it, he can return it to gethis money back." Sounds find to me," she said as she bought it home just in time for Tommy to be reading hislatest rejection letter. Even the independentcomic companies didn't seem interested in his work.He watched with a shrug as she opened the box andpulled out what was inside. His eyes smiled as helooked up at his mom who just nodded to let himknow it was for him and that she loved him enoughto help. " "You've got a real loving husband there baby, letting you do this." he told her."Like I have a choice" I muttered.My wife frowned at me. "Of course you do honey, I thought you wanted this?" she questioned. I couldn't think straight and didn't reply. "If you want to stop honey you have to say so." My head spun and I looked at my beautiful young white wife and the dominant black bull that was going to make me a cuckold on my wedding anniversary, in my marital bed. I wanted to say no, but. As he lay there tugging away; I couldn’t help thinking that he’d inherited his Dad’s only redeeming feature – a big cock; at least 7 gorgeous inches long. My need to pee was suddenly overtaken by my own need to play with myself. I was as quiet as possible but couldn’t stop pulling my panties to one side and flicking my clit. I knew it wouldn’t take either of us very long but I came at the site of Rudy shoving my panties onto his face and spurt after spurt of white spunk landed on his light. He said you should to take off your pants stand over by the fireplace with your hands on top of your head." Having never been in a situation like this before I was very uncomfortable and embarrassed but then decided I was here, so I might as well go along. I ended up standing there for about ten minutes facing them, bare below the waist, while they sat on the couch having coffee not saying a single word to me.When Tom finally came down he sat on the couch with them and made me give a detailed.
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