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After slapping each ass cheek, he reached down in the crotch area of my hose & tugged on them abruptly, the sheer nylon fabric ripped apart sending to...n ladders up my ass & down my leg… it felt so dirty, yet so erotic! Some guys out of respect will just pull the pantyhose down, but I like mine ripped open! It makes me feel more like a whore, and I didn’t even need to ask Jamie…he just did it! Plus it leaves my hard clit hiding under some nylon which I love having rubbed while getting. I started to whisper in her ear how wet she was and that she was my little slut. She just moaned. I noticed that her lips were very wet either from licking them or maybe she was drooling. Then I said I couldn’t believe how long her nipples were and she raised her head to see. She said they were never that long before. At the same time I started to roll her nipples with my fingers and clamp my thighs tighter around her legs and hump faster. We were both on our way to orgasm. I told her that I. So i walk into her room and close the door behind me and my sister hides behind her blanket so i sit down on the end of her bed and say wow you have a very fine body sis and she say thanx so i pull down my pants and pull out my boner and ask her are you a virgin and her awnser was yes so i get up and pull the blankets way from her and say do you wanna lose your virginity today with me and she hezatated but she said what if our little sister hears us and tell mom and i said i can take care of. Paul picked up the glass, gulped down the last mouthfuls and followed Kate, the water already making its way to towards her knees by the time he caught up with her.Paul swung his leg through the water towards her sending it splashing up her back making her shriek with the shock before he surged past her."I'll get you for that!" She said, launching herself into his back, making him stumble into the deeper water. He swam from under her before she could get her legs around him. Turning after a.
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