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” Jen said------I cannot believe what I just heard, I have always thought my sisters were sexy as anything and I wanted to be with them for the time. So I thought here’s my chance. As she pulled up to am Applebee’s she yelled back for as to wake me up. I acted like I just woke up and worked my way out of the car. We got to a booth and they sat opposite each other making me choose which one to sit with. I sat next to Sara. I could tell Sara was a little happy but Jen seemed a little sad.. .....Honey. I'm really sorry. I had too much to drink last night and......"I interrupted Amanda saying. "Wait.......Who is this guy named Rob?"Amanda was quick to defend him saying. "Honey. It wasn't his fault. I don't want you to be angry at him. It was me and I shouldn't have let it happen." Well apparently something happen didn't it? You think I didn't see the way your tits were all bit up last night? " I didn't go as far as telling her about the cum drenched thong I found in her. The moonlight illuminated the glitter in the lotion I put on earlier, making my skin look like it was glowing in the moonlight. Ben traced the neckline of my shirt with the tip of his finger. “I don’t remember there being so much of this last time I saw you.” He said. “I think I like them. Did you get a boob job and not tell me?” Ben asked grinning at me. “No, I woke up one morning and they went from B cups to D’s. I’m not sure what happened, but all of a sudden, it was like poof – boobs.” I. I reached for her tits and pleasured them as she, eyes closed, began moving on top of me. Her husband was walking around to see this sexy sight from every possible angle. As I bent my head up to suck her hard nipples I could see, out of the corner of my eye his erection getting closer. He probably wanted her to suck on him but his wife’s eyes were closed as she concentrated on our pleasures.In spite of a feeble attempt to withhold my climax, I soon blasted cum into this sexy sheath. Brenda.
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