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I was startled by a moan. I looked at Michelle and saw that she had her eyes closed. She let out another long, sighing moan. Not only I was playing wi...h her clit, but she was actually getting into it! And, on top of it all, she was still willingly tugging my junk. It just couldn’t get any better. And then it did.“Even though she wants to keep her virginity, you can still finger her vagina.” Nurse Cady’s hand slipped between Michelle’s legs from behind. “Just don’t go too deep. Only to about the. "Fuck, fuck, fuck!" he grunted, pounding his cock into the girl with all the power he had. Her pussy was sucking on his prick like a milking machine now, making his pleasure rise even more. "Here it comes, Kim baby. Here's my cum load!"Tom groaned as if in pain and contorted his face as the first blast of his fuck-juice blasted into Kim's wildly fucking cunt-hole. Jet after jet of his jizz scorched into her cunt, splattering her insides and coating them with his sticky jizz.Kim moaned loudly. . oh, fuck ... fuck ... fuck."Once more her body began to spasm but I just kept pounding my cock into her. She was about half way through her orgasm when my cock exploded, spurting hot jets of cum deep inside her. At last I collapsed and rolled to the side keeping her wrapped tightly in my arms."Oh, wow, you came inside me while I was coming. That was so neat. I bet I'd be pregnant now if I wasn't on the pill. I suppose you want to go to sleep now. I wish we could just keep fucking all. She knew what was coming next and took me by my hair and pushed me further down. Spreading her legs, I slid down putting my arms behind me and placing my face in her pussy as she straddled my face I slid my tongue out along her gusset. When I reached her bud I did my best to press into her and suck through her hose. I could feel her thighs against the side of my head as she started to press down onto my face a bit. I met her pressure pushing back up. Then she did something new, dropping her.
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