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The investments I made with the money I won in the lottery, turned out so well that I could make my next move. The building of Little Big Land, an ind...or playground for AB's, DL's, and diapered sissies. With help of my well-endowed staff, AB-friends with architectural skills and our dirty little minds, I purchased an old sports center, and turned it into the wet dream of anyone who hadn't lost their inner (small) c***d.Little Big Land, as it was called (though there weren't any signs on the. We watched a movie then she started passing out xanax does that to you so she got up said goodnight and went to bed,about 15 mins later I went to check on her she was passed out on her stomach the time had finally come so I called my friend and he said he would be over in a few mins.I frantically lit a cig and went downstairs just as I was putting it out he was pulling in my driveway.I let him in and he asked if she was out I said see for yourself we walked upstairs and she was still on her. She walked into the plush lobby at the stroke of seven. She was sure everyone was looking at her. Her face felt hot. She willed her feet to carry her to the reception desk. Nervously, she told the clerk her name and he quickly produced a key. There was a big smile on his face. He must know all about this, she thought, completely embarrassed. But there was no turning back now. She found the elevators. Thankfully, one of them opened the instant she pressed the ‘up’ button. She was relieved that. But she refused by saying that the gang will be there and they will catch her so she wants to stay in my room for that day and she will go to her house next day.As she was running for more than half – an – hour her dress was completely wet due to the sweat and some bad smells are coming from that dress. And I asked her to fresh up and asked her to change that dress and I gave one of my pant and a shirt for her to ware as it was completely wet and smelling bad. But she hesitatingly accepted my.
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