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Build Tester: the overseer wants you to try out an unusual build. You have no choice in how your starting credits are spent, but they will usually what you would have chosen. Making you a master of seduction with no combat skills in a fighting anime, turning you into a wizard in an otherwise hard sci fi setting, giving you a harem of thirty-five devoted but normal women with no survival skills in a zombie apocalypse, and making you functionally immortal while sending you to the French. "No Leader but its how Wren Nyland taught me to wear it," Mary repliedlooking guiltily at Michele.Michele smiled and nodded wanly at her friend intimating it was ok toblame her; she was likely going to cop a beating anyway.Then he roughly lifted her uniform skirt.The three Leading Recruits gasped."And these suspenders, stockings and filly satin knickers; are they inaccordance with the BR?" he growled.The gauzy welts of the dark 15-denier stockings were snapped to gartersattached to a black. Arrangements were made to hack into James’ personal computer and empty his bank account.They started a company called ‘I Love Giving Blowjobs’ and made James the company president. They made a website and put James’ picture up.The money from his bank account was emptied into a separate account that Garima controlled. She ordered dozens of thong panties from Victoria’s Secret to be delivered to James at work.He opened the box from Victoria’s Secret as the two college-age girls from the office. The school girls were much different, giggling and shy. We did a lot of kissing and petting on dark park benches, but I never had the guts to go beyond that. In the Army, some of my comrades were already married and/or had years of sexual experiences with women of their age. So, I felt as a newcomer listening to their stories and was embarrassed to tell them about my particular history. This all changed when I met Gerda. She worked at the bar across the street from our quarters which happened.
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