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” I looked at Attorney Baldwin. “So why did they bring me here?”“I filed a writ of habeas corpus for both of you, to compel them to produce yo.... There are some questions that came up during the proceedings. I’ll be honest. People are freaked out about our boy, here.”“They should be,” I said. “He’s going to change the world.”“I get the feeling that’s in progress,” said Doug. “Here comes the bailiff. We’d better sit down.”Bobby and I sat with him at a table. Mrs. Addison was seated behind us, in. We also thought this would be a great opportunity for Sue to enjoy an encounter with another woman since she is bisexual. Early in our marriage she had told me in confidence she enjoyed an occasional meeting with females for sexual fulfillment. At first this caught me off guard but I have been willing to go along with this arrangement as she will also have me involved as a threesome if her female partner agrees. Since both of us come from very conservative families we have kept this little. She asked what Lacey had in mind if they did hang out, and if Steele would be there. Lacey responded that they could do whatever Allison wanted and gave suggestions of bowling, pool, and mini-golf. Steele could be there, or he could not be there depending on what Allison wanted, but he was buying regardless.Allison was not expecting a response like this. She didn’t know what she was expecting, but this was certainly not it.Allison and Lacey made plans to go bowling that Thursday night without. Then Linda said, why don't we go into the living room, and wecan get a weather report on the TV. I really didn't want tomove, knowing I'd be exposed to her view, but she took my handand pulled me up. "Are you cold, or just glad to see me?" shequipped, seeing my nipples jutting out under the sweater, thenglancing down, she saw the tent-like bulge in my skirt! "Robin,"she exclaimed, "are you just horny again, or ..." she paused fora second, looking me right in the eyes, "or is wearing my.
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