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When he feels like he'swinning, though, he wants to thoroughly trounce his opponent. He wouldrefuse to wet himself and would become toilet trained qu...ckly just toshow you that he can do it but you can't. The novelty of your failureswould also keep him focused. That, and once he sees the consequences ofan accident he would try to avoid that at all costs."Tom was so focused on the fact that he was being told to wet his pantsthat he almost missed the implication of Nora's last words. "Wait. 1st of all let me thank all the ISS reader for making it a munch, with your mails & calls, & rating all my stories (“sex with granny”, “reading iss was never so fun”, “please help me” & “this can happen to u”) as hot…Before starting the story I must tell u 1 thing, I got lots of mails from my fans complaining that the stories posted by them don’t get any feedback or comments so that they get disappointed & don’t dare 2 post any others stories, if this continues 1 wont get to read any exciting. Moments later, William came through the suite door. All six foot threeof him. I heard him say "hi" to Gail, and then he asked if everythingwas alright."It's perfect, William," I heard her say.Then their conversation became muffled to me. My body was almost inspasms of shaking, my nervousness nearly crippling me. I stood inpanties and thigh-highs, my hairless pale-skinned body shining in thelight; my hair brushed back, my lips a dark rose-red. I wondered howlong I'd have to stand there, how. Then the monster started to rise to the surface, and was headedstraight for this little cabin on the shore of the lake, and that's whenI woke up." And what do you think that dream is trying to tell you?" I ... I think it was trying to tell me I cant hold things in muchlonger. Somewhere, somehow, something has to break." I agree. So I have a suggestion for you. Bring your wife in for acouples counseling session with one of my colleges. I can't do itmyself, because I'm your therapist, and you'll.
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