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It's bad enough to lie to others but when you can't even tell yourself the truth that's just sad. But until I moved out of my hometown that's just ex...ctly how I was. You see it was bad enough to feel guilty about jerking off but then to start fantisizing about guys while doing it! "Whoa!" That was just too much! But once I moved away, it was so much easier to come out of my closet. First out of the one in my head and then out in the real world.My flat was right near a big city park where. That last move she made was all it took. Charlie pulled back slightly and rammed his cock as deeply into Amanda as he could. He felt his balls draw up and the throbbing as he pumped his seed deeply into her still pulsating pussy. ‘UNHHHH’ he moaned out as he collapsed against her and began once more kissing her gently. As he held himself over Amanda with his elbows he could feel her breasts gently rubbing against his chest as she breathed. Charlie whispered, ‘I love you Amanda’ then rolled off. I haven't changed a bit, but everybody else has just gotten sooo freaking young lately. EVERYBODY.The first time I realized I may really be a dirty old man ("D.O.M." for short), I was 45 and in a nightclub in Las Vegas, sort of a "disco themed" place that had stages, loud music and beautiful women dancing all over the place. There was a pretty young woman dancing alone up on a stage right next to me, and the stage was at about waist-level. She was gorgeous, brunette, and about 21 years old. I. I rushed over in time to cushion her fall, but in doing so my right hand went between her legs, my left arm went around her and we ended up on the floor with her tits pressed into my face and my right hand pressing hard against her pussy. Before I could move my hand Marge said, in a low husky voice:"I didn't know you cared," and then she kissed me.No cribbage that night, and no dinner either. We fucked right there on the family room floor and then went to her bedroom for a second round. It was.
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