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" Oh, Kevin. You're the best. You're so special to me. Come here, you."Simone pulled him close again and began kissing his mouth passionately. She too... his hand and placed it on her breast, which was starting to leak milk."Um ... don't you want your nursing bra?" Kevin asked."No, I don't. I want your mouth on my tits, Kevin. I wanted that so bad last night and today. Besides, I don't want anything between you and me tonight." Wow. O.K. But, um, Simone? Don't you even want to turn the light. Fir us lkadki ne mujhe kahaan ki agar tum uske sath sexkarte to wo tumhe nahi chodti mere dimaag main ye baat jam gayi or kudrti wo ladki bhi meri tution per aan e lagi maine aapni friend ko kahaan ki meri iske sath dobara karwa de wo boli ki main try karti hu or kuch dino baad kisi tahra dobara friendship ho gayi main bahut khus tha maine soch liya ki is baar ise nahi chodta humare exam chal raheen the maine usse time se 2 hour pahele bula liya woTuition per aa gayi madam abhi school se nahi. Should give you some free time, you know"Kate took the small box from John, looking over the label carefully. Weight Loss 2500 was the label, and after looking over the information printed on it, she shrugged with a smile."Sounds pretty neat. I hope it works like it says. Anyway," Kate laid a hand on John's chest, "I'm hungry. What's with all the food, though?"Looking behind him, John blushed a little and rubbed his neck nervously. "They had some kind of weird deal at the sandwich place. I got. “Don’t worry, baby,” he grinned nervously, “it was before we met. What happened was…” *********** “Aditya, get ready!” his mom yelled from the other room. “It’s time to leave!” “What’s the point of going to this wedding?” called her son, watching TV on the sofa in bermuda shorts. “I am on my college vacations…let me enjoy them!” “This is Sharma uncle’s daughter’s marriage,” his mother shouted back. “We all have to go.” “I hope there’s something to pass the time there!” he thought, tired of.
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