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I felt an electric shock when the back of my hand brushed his cock and balls but kept massaging sliding my hands all the way up his thighs and back do...n to his knee and calf and then back up! Each time feeling the weigh his cock and balls on the back of my hand.I had almost forgotten how thick and heavy his cock and balls were and I let myself massage more there so I could feel them on me more. I think I felt it twitch a couple times and it may have started to stiffen a little. It almost felt. ’ She grinned mischievously, gave me a quick flash of her boobs, and then left. It was true, I was having a week off to concentrate on my property business. Tomorrow, a load of things would arrive for Vera’s old house, so I’d be in the little study with a laptop keeping an eye on her bits at the auction. I hoped I might get more than fifty grand, but it was all going to charity anyway, so it wasn’t like I was seeing a penny for more than two hours. Clients I had had to defer got their chance. Getting my hands all soapy, I lathered him up thoroughly. Then I wrapped my fingers around his big, beautiful prick and stroked it. It began to harden again. Wrapping my arms around Jerry, I soaped myself by rubbing against his soapy body. Soon I was getting hard again, too. Jerry turned me around and I leaned against the wall. Using the soap as lube, Jerry slid a finger inside me. It was uncomfortable at first but I quickly got used to it, especially when he began massaging my prostate.. You’d want something better,” she said.Dexter said, “Small is fine.”“Let me call in the card to the agency,” Amber said.“Go ahead,” Dexter said.Amber made the call. She talked for a few minutes and then hung up. She turned to Dexter and asked, “Are you ready to go to the bank?”“Sure,” Dexter said.Dexter and Amber left the apartment. She had a little Kia Forte that was filled with junk. It took her a minute to clear some space for Dexter to sit. Based on how much stuff was in her car he wondered.
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