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I felt my body electrify as I watched him. He probably wasn't even conscious he was doing it but he looked at me with his tongue slowly running over h...s lips and I could feel myself growing. I immediately began to think myself 'down', trying to not let it swell. When I glanced down though, Ted's smooth cock was getting bigger and swelling quickly and mine wasn't far behind. "I hope you aren't embarrassed but god Jake, you're amazing." Then Ted stepped over to me and with his soapy hand, took. I’m relieved she’s enjoying this as much as I am.“Like this?” she asks as she turns back around.“Perfect, baby.”I move over behind her and slide my hands up from her ass up so I can cup her breasts. I love feeling her from this angle. It feels like I can envelop her and if this ever happens again, I’d want to fuck her like this with a strap on.But I can see her legs are wet. She’s dripping on herself at this point and I’m going to relieve her. I move my tongue from the top of her ass and. I gave a small shout and heard the door open. I looked up to see Gina taking off her sweats revealing a tight vest and cute cotton panties. She saw me looking at her and smiled.“I don’t want to get any of the oil on my clothes. What sort of oil would you like me to use plain massage oil or scented oil?”I told her I would like scented oil and she picked a bottle of lotion from the table. She put my head back on the headrest and she slowly uncovers the sheet down to my waist.She turned on a. She smiled sweetly as I stepped in and thanked her. Every time I looked at her I swear I could hear harps playing and angels singing...My cell phone started vibrating so I pulled it out to see that I had a text message from Louie:U IN THE ELEVATOR?YESSHE THERE WITH UYESSO... WHAT DO U THINK?U R RIGHT! SHE"S FCKN UNBELIEVABLE!TOLD U! ;-) U BOTH ALONE?YESJust then, the elevator suddenly stopped. Haifa Wehbe tried pressing the button several times, but nothing happened. "Ermmmmm... I'm sure it.
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