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If it does not, if we halt our lives and mourn forever, then the terrorists would have truly won. A thousand clichés come to mind: Every cloud has a ...ilver lining. Hope springs eternal. That which does not kill us makes us stronger. Et cetera, et cetera. Hollow words, maybe, but with a ring of truth. Tragedies are ultimately not about death — they are about what comes after. Similarly, funerals are not for the dead, they are for the ones left behind. It is appropriate to mourn, to weep, to put. The lunch was noisy and kinda fun and questions abounded, but none were too intrusive. It was however clear that everyone who was in the know about my long ago breakup with Lana was dying to find out about the apparent resurrection of my romantic fortunes. I wasn’t sure about stuff myself. Lana and I had not gotten to that stage of things. But, the fact that we had shared a bed the previous night augured well for the future. We’d be seeing.Dinner over and the cleanup crew on the ball, Abigail. Main apne lund ko niche dabane ki koshish kar hi raha tha ki Archana aunty ne mujhe dekh liya. Vo tezi mein room se bahar aayi. Main sharam se aankhen niche kare hue tha.But uske baad hi jo hua vo magical tha. Unhone poochha ki kya-kya dekha tumne? To maine kaha ki “Kuch nahi aunty bas vo aap se milne aaya tha”. Phir aunty ne jor se vahi question poochha. To maine kahi “aunty aapki black colour ki panty dekhi bas”.To unhone poochha “to kaisi lagi”. Maine kaha “main kuch samjha nahi”. Phir. It would be good for Ada to have someone else, a woman or a man, it wouldn't matter. Probably a woman would be better, though, since any woman who could gain her confidence would probably understand her shyness and inhibitions better than a man. But a man would be okay too. Ada had a body made for love, and she truly reveled in fucking once you got her into it, Laura knew.But she apparently wasn't interested in resurrecting their hot moments with Laura. She pulled up at the taxi/limousine.
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