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Please don’t waste your time asking me what her name is because I have to confess, I don’t have a single clue.She was young and comely.She slept o... her side, but I could see her face in the wall mirror on the closet door.Very nice indeed, but totally unfamiliar.I wondered if I was suffering under some form of early onset of dementia with loss of memory as the first symptom.Sure, I had a few drinks but don’t remember getting drunk. As I pondered the past evening, I wondered if I might have. It was then that I spoke for the first timesince taking her. Drawing a knife across her right breast, cutting deep enoughto scar badly, I held my head close to hers and whispered in her ear: ?You think this smarts, bitch? It?s nothingcompared to what I?ve done before and what I?ll do to you if you fail to followmy instructions to the letter. I?m about to set an oven timer going next toyou. You are going to kneel here in the mud and not move until it goes off. I?mgoing to stand and wait for a. “Yes, yes, suck my cock,” I groaned, shifting my hips, my breasts bouncing. “Ooh, you’re so good at it. Start bobbing your mouth, too. Oh, yes, just like that. I love that. And ... fuck yes! You’re so good. Damn, Kimmie! Just the best!”Kimmie stared up at me, her brown eyes glossy with lust. She bobbed her mouth, sucking and slurping. Saliva ran down her chin as she worshiped me, her brown hair dancing about her shoulders. She stroked my thighs. Her fingers climbed higher and higher, tingles. He was laying back in the seat now, one hand on my head, leafing through my hair, the other wrapped around my breast, squeezing and clasping it; pinching the nipple between his fingers.I slowly pulled my head off his cock, letting my tongue lick around it before sitting up. I kissed John and then slid down to his lap where I found he had already undone his trousers and his thick fat cock was sticking straight out. I opened my mouth and with my lips only began to move my head up and down so my.
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