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Heinz bent down and licked the last of the cum off the tip of Krissy's penis and with his right hand scooped up the load of cum off her stomach. With left hand he firmly grasped poor Krissy under the chin causing Krissy to open her eyes in shock just in time to see Heinz's cum covered fingers smear Krissy's cum over her lips and into her mouth."Get used to the taste my sweet girl soon you'll be swallowing more than your own."Krissy struggled wildly as the warm, slippery cum covered her lips. Walking back to the house after being fucked on the golf course by both Nick and Harley, my thought was curiously marveling at the way things were progressing and I thought, ‘that he was going to continue pressing, extending my willingness to be a bitch …’In my frame of reference, my only thought was how he might come up with new ways for Harley and I to mate. That was my only frame of reference. The only variable I saw was were, when, and how. But, always with Harley.I was wrong …We went out. I had a best friend and she and I decided to attend the same college for the same course of study. Okay, so that's pretty normal-sounding, right?Then the avalanche started. My best friend adopted a sister who adopted me and then they introduced me to Jason and then they dragged another sister into the group and we got tossed into Auburn on the fast track (well, a couple of 'em are faster'n me) and I'm married and there's a new business and...It is like an avalanche. So many things happening.. They constantly bickered and argued with each other. Bobby's best friend once said "If anyone had seen the way you two acted towards each other, there's no doubt they would consider it foreplay".Of course he denied it, but deep down there was a sexual attraction between him and Anita. He looked down at her now, with her legs spread open up on the bed, eyes fixated on his cock. He crawled up on the bed, kissing her slowly as he repositioned himself on the bed. He gently kissed her breast,.
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