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"Don't you think they want a fuckin' piece of ass as much as we do?"Her mother sighed. "God, I don't know, baby. I want a prick in me so much I can al...ost taste it!"As if in answer to the woman's prayers, a car pulled up in front of the house."They're here," Gerta said softly, racing over to the window."Oh my god, Gerta, I think I'm going to faint!" she moaned. "You let them in."But now Gerta began to catch her mother's nervousness. Her heart began to race. She felt a warm trickle flow from her. Unlike the previous stops, all that awaited me was a list of items I had to find and buy. As ordered, I hesitantly asked the plump brunette about trying the items on, and was very relieved to be told in a rather amused way that was out of the question - until the girl punctuated her reply with the sarcastic offer: "I mean, it's not as if you'd want to buy a dildo or nipple clamps I'd been using, is it?!"About to laugh with her, I froze, a deer-in-the-headlights look on my face as I thought that. I no longer need speak to them of heavenly designs. I no longer need speak to them at all. Because I can control their minds, completely. They are compelled to obey my every whim…. Where this power comes from I can’t say. Perhaps, it is animal magnetism, stemming from the obliteration of my soul. Perhaps, the explanation is supernatural, rather than natural. Suffice it to say it exists. With a wave of a hand, a cock of the head, a focusing of the eye, or sometimes merely a thought, I can get. I feel no shame. The red daydream continues. We don’t change. Our feelings don’t change. There is a metaphysical quality about you. You waver over me, floating like Spirit, yet you are so real. Your body is positioned perfectly over mine, our pubic bones, like hot molten lava, melt together, becoming one. Your spirit is strong and becomes one with me, because I am too weak to provoke this collision, this fiery fusion. I’m not wise or strong enough yet. This doesn’t concern you. You meet me.
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