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I sat there for a few minutes, tryingto compose myself. What in the world was Grace doing all day at Gayle'shouse with her and Fred Davis? Certainly...they wouldn't be doing anythinglike, well, crap!No! There was simply no way that Grace would do something like that to metwo weeks before our wedding. She wouldn't! But then, there were thethings she hinted at last night. Would she? Fuck! I hated this! Was itall in my head? Or, was it?I fought the urge to call Grace. To confront her. To. I shook my head hard, trying to send my thoughts zipping off. Doing so let me focus on the actual bride.Bridge!Bridge!The bridge was laid out in a triangular pattern, with two seats for the two hunks. Men. Hunky men. Regular men! Not sexually attractive at all men. There was the control hammock for Mal, then a circular nook that had fifty or so screens for Rossk, a seat that Rossk took now that there weren’t any sparks coming from above him. There was no third chair for Techne. Instead, the. I led Sasha to one and put her in one of the seats. I sat in the other, "sick birth."I did not look at Sasha as she started, "Jonathan notify the medic holo that we may need a regen tank." Of course captain."I looked at Sasha as she stared back, "I should mention that I rescued Jonathan from an abandoned Kaire super dreadnought."Sasha looked at the dash, "they would not just leave..."I laughed, "Sasha you of all people know how I think. They left him because he was corrupted."Sasha frowned and. “Abigail is a little upset. Perhaps you could go to her apartment and talk with her. She'd love to see you.”“Sure. I’ll bring her a coffee and a doughnut. What number is her apartment?”“Twenty-A. She’ll be happy you visited with her.”“No problem. It would be my pleasure.”I took a coffee and a doughnut and walked out of the facility and to Abigail’s apartment. Abigail was one of the GILF’s that I had my eye on. She was a widower and a sexy woman who was in her late sixties. She lost her.
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