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The purpose of this group chat was for the boys to interact with me and for me to interact with them without any interference (AKA, my husband). As so...n as I sent this message, the group chat was flooded with messages like “Woah Nina!”, “Yes Nina!” and “I can’t wait!”. I felt an incredible rush as I began talking to them. Funny enough, the boys started to argue amongst themselves about who would have me first. Rodney was insisting he wanted me again, and so did Ken. The other two guys, Alex and. Looking up, she could see him looking down at her. Despite her annoyance, she could appreciate what a fine-looking man he was. Broad, muscular shoulders, well-defined chest and abdomen, and a slender waist were accented by curly dark hair over olive skin. Looking down at her, his eyes went slightly out of focus for a moment. Then, he said: "Oh... I know what would go with this shape..."At that, he transformed, too. His skin grew darker by degrees, and the body hair thinned out. His features. ”“So you think they fancied us, then?”“Well, I suspect that they fancied you more than me. I am just an obstacle in the way of them getting to you.”“Well, if they don’t fancy you, then they are not getting me.”“So you are considering it then? Don’t I get a say in this. You’re my girlfriend after all.”Jade looked at me, “I am not your property you know.”“I know you’re not, but I should at least have a say in who gets to fuck you.”“Really, my body is mine, I think I decide who gets to stick their. You know the saying, if you have to ask you can’t afford it.I saw a rich deep blue dress, silk I think it was, that took my breath away. I was dying to try it on and it only took a little bit of persuasion from Wishes for me to take the garment to the changing room, under the supervision of a really nice girl who insisted on helping me fit the dress.I went into the changing area with the assistant and stripped down to my bra and panties before reaching for the dress the girl held.“I think miss.
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