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She slid her petite body under my arm and rested her head on my chest. "Are you going to tell on us Jimmy? I don't want everyone to think that Glenn a...d I are ... you know ... screwing each other." I pulled her closer, kissed her on the forehead and using my pet name for her said. "Don't worry Little Moe. I won't tell a soul how depraved you guys are." She burst out laughing then and poked me in the ribs. "You're such a dork Jimmy." Maureen had had a crush on me since she was just a little. I kind of looked puzzled for a second and tried to be cool."Yes, of course." "We just moved here recently," I said."Okay," he said, "just be careful around here."I hopped down the steps, turned, and walked as confidently as I could. Of course, I was lost immediately and had to ask for directions from some creepy-looking guy. Finally, I got to Glen’s shop. It wasn’t exactly what I had imagined. Yeah, it was a photography shop, but it was not exactly the type of place a young couple might come to. I went on a few property websites that had search engines on them, and put into the search bar ‘starter homes’. I may have gone a bit overboard, but I had soon bought ten apartments and homes for £1,753,458, and put them up for rent. This left me so far out of pocket, I was back to before Vera died. But as I still had two million, it was fine, as long as when I got back, I had some big money clients waiting for me. ‘So,’ Elizabeth asked once she had arrived, stripped nude and got in the rooftop. This kind of thing isn't supposed to happen. I swear to god if Keslin's not already dead I'll kill him if Eddie's not okay."I looked over at Luke, feeling a little unsettled by his threat, but then I realized that he probably had no idea what he was saying. He sounded scared, and looked numb. I could understand both of those feelings. "He shouldn't have taken me to the airport," I said, thinking out loud more than anything. "If I wasn't so slow... I wouldn't have left, and he wouldn't have had.
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