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? ?Yes Master? she replied quickly, with a trembling voice. She turned quickly and walked across the yard and inside, trembling as she went with a g...owing feeling of unease knowing that she had finally angered him enough to be punished. As she walked inside, he closed the door behind her and locked it. She stopped unsure of where to go. ?On your knees? she heard, and dropped to her knees immediately with her head bowed again, her hands at her sides. She clenched her hands and. I was shocked she had said and said she was like a daughter to me and would never think of betraying her mother, she took of her t shirt and said go on you know you want to, I know I shouldnt of but did they where soft and supple I was getting very aroused and she slid her hand onto the uge buldge in my trousers.As we kissed she unzipped my trousers and pulled my massive cock out and started to rub it slowly, she said she had always wondered why her mum moaned loud and now she knew, and bent. He was bad news and no one was to go near him or anyone in his family. At the time I didn’t really pay much attention to it but the imp in me, the bad girl, always wanted to know more about this Leonius and why he was off-limits and why my protector hated him so. But life progressed for me through the months that followed and I began to carve a place for myself in this new way of life. Bumps and bruises aside, I truly was thriving in this way of life … I had found my submissive side and was. She fell on the bed, a moan escaped her lips. He pulled up her sari and shoved his hard inside her. Subhash’s prick was not very big, about 7″ but it was thick and meaty. Hard as a rod of steel, Subhash wanted to really show this bitch what it was like. Sushila was all vocal now, “Oh Sahab! This is so good! Sahab! Please not so hard. Sahab! You will tear my pussy! Oh! Sahab! Oh Sahab! Yes! Oh Mother!” Each stroke would bring out an exclamation from her. Subhash was in no mood to listen. He was.
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