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" And that's why you were sent here, Lily. You may not remember it and I'm pretty sure Lucas doesn't, but you two were inseperable when you were young...r. When you and your parents came to visit...the first thing you would do is give Lucas a hug and a kiss. You did everything together and never left each others' side. Lucas was fiercely protective of you, never letting any harm come to you. We all knew then that it was the same way for you as it had been for us. There was no denying the pull we. OK, you can go now, Garth. If Nell needs me, I'll be in the study.He studied Garth's backview as he ambled in an aimless manner back to the Day Room, and took mental note that his feet were starting to gradually point at a more inward angle as he walked, while his hunched shoulders curved much lower now than before. This awkward posture caused his hands to dangle in an ape-like manner, facing the rear position when his body was mobile. With a slight twinge of apprehension, he decided to take. He laid down the basic rules of living there, i.e., no loud partying, no heavy d**gs, etc., etc. I told him about my working hours and that I was a quiet laid-back kind of guy anyway. He said that I would probably fit right in so I paid the deposit and moved in that day. For the first few weeks, we hardly ever saw each other. I would come home from work at around 4:30am and go right to sleep. He would leave the apartment to go to work at 6am. I found out that he never cooked and always. We had 6hrs till we needed to be at the ferry terminal. I sat in the front with Pete and played with his inner leg & cock thru his trouser till he couldn't take it anymore and got me to pull his trousers down & then I lent over and sucked his cock till he came in my mouth all while he was driving.We stopped on the Desert road to admire the remaining snow on the mountains, then drove onto Hunterville and it was starting to get dark. The sex in the back was driving Pete silly so he signaled again.
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