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Everything a woman should want in a lover. But, I was left unfulfilled by the normalcy of the experience, and was quite troubled. Had I really fallen ...o far into submissiveness? Did I actually need this new life? * * * My focus on the question of my future intensified one day when Mistress herself assisted with my daily preparations, telling me, You will be with your new owner very, very soon, my little Pet. B-b-but, Mistress, I sputtered, does this mean that I wont be serving you any longer?. I got all sweaty in that Sauna and don’t smell to good. Since we have seen each other naked already, let’s take a shower together. It just might be fun. Come on, what do you say?”“Good idea Jerry. Good idea!” Even though she seemed upbeat and positive about jumping in the shower together, I could tell there was something still bothering her.“Sweetheart? Is there something more you would like to tell me?”“I’m sorry Jerry. It’s a great idea to shower together; it’s just that…well…I have to forget. Well no, but you must understand that was my first time for so much that happened yesterday! and up to then I was a good girl. I see, says Danny, your a good girl till your inner bad girl is coaxed out, hold her!!! Simon and Steve grab my arms, Danny puts his finger on his lips and smiles at me, if you don't want to we'll stop right now, he said I promise we will do nothing to hurt you but if you want to, say nothing. I say nothing. Holding my arms Steve and Simon stand me up, Danny undresses. Everything you read in the "how I got a serious one piece swimsuit fetish" series is loosely based on TRUE REAL LIFE EXPERIENCES I HAVE HAD, names and a few details have been changed/made up to protect my identity and the identities of other people. The masturbation scenes are embellished a lot, but all the key points are true. Part two: a swimsuit of my ownThis is a few years after part one of my story. I was now in high school and larger than I had been in junior high in every dimension. .
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