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Im about 53 and have light brown long hair that has a natural wave to it. My body is slim and toned from a few sports (about 110lbs) and Im tan from c...nstantly being outside. My eyes are brown and on the medium-large side.. but in a cute way. I have been told that I have a cute face but an amazing body. I also have 32b boobs at my age of 16. But this weekend felt different. I just got a new jeep and I was feeling great. I up my cousins long driveway (they live in the country) and my stomach. Who's calling. ??? I get up open the door. No ones there. (probably k**s messing about grumble grumble grumble) I Return to the porch one more glass before I hit the sackChilled crispy fruity white wineI get comfortable in the porch swing A Spooky chill goes up my spine. Creaky floor boards!I turn and look. Only Mags the cat jumps from the window.I Lean back and Start to nod off.This dreams feeling good. a tall good looking dark haired stranger Kissing my neck teasing me with his lips his. It was dark in the room and my brain wasn’t ready to work yet. I saw the door to our room was closed but sounds were clearly heard. Damn! We’d forgotten to close the door!I looked at my wife questioning and pointing at the door with my eyes. No, she didn’t close it. It meant it was one of them who closed it. And we were lying here naked and uncovered! They might not see anything as it was dark. But… I could see Lily and the door… I saw Lily was thinking about the same and it was turning her on.. Lou was very petite and made my cock look huge in her tiny hands and mouth, she was trying so hard to please me and take as much as she could, but was struggling and choking, but was determined to take as much as she could. I pulled Lou up and laid her on my bed and kissed her while i started to unbutton her shirt so I could get my hand in to play with her tiny tits, I could hear Lou groaning as I played with her nipples. I then asked Lou to take of her tiny thong and as she did I could already.
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