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He allowed his hands to roam further south, almost too risque for a public hug, and he pulled her hips toward him. She thought she felt something hard...pressing against her abdomen but surely… he didn’t have an erection… not just from hugging her? Curiously she pressed herself against him more firmly and became more convinced that he was at least partially aroused. Had her face not been buried against his shoulder, he would have seen such surprise registered there. Suddenly he pulled away, and. . as such; I am entitled to five copulations per Yearn." I still wasn't sure what length of time that represented. "I've been saving them, saving them for whatever stunt I knew you would attempt - knowing that you would try to resist your normal male urges, and you would feel the pangs of addiction that men of all species suffer when they flee the Coit'ii. NAAAHH" Her dialogue broke down for a moment from the jolts of self-inflicted pleasure she was directing at her own cunt."Yes, human... free. Deep down I knew I was teasing him and I could not help myself, why else would a sister prance around naked in a cheesecloth, a bigger temptation, than just being totally nude, that's why we bought it, for me to tease my fiance, our relationship really was about the sex, and I was 70% percent partner to his 30%, more than double his sex drive and ideas.I broke the heat and moved across to the coffee machine, pouring myself a sobering cup of strong caffeine, knowing fine well my brother would be. In the darkness of the blindfold I didn’t know what you had planned for me next. Sensing you between my legs, I felt you grab the g-string and roughly pull the material together. Pulling it tight, you roughly pulled it into my crack and used it to rub my pussy. It hurt but I wanted more, I would give you anything you desired of me. Releasing the material and pulling it to one side now, I felt relief wash over me as your throbbing cock replaced the material. I couldn’t wait, I so.
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