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Two victims caught in a web of humiliation, partly of my doing — forced to do things against their will.And I just watched."Myriam," I croaked. "Don...t do this. I love you, honey. You don't have to do..." A hand cut off my words. It smelled of soap and tobacco.Myriam looked up. Her face turned my way. I saw the plastic travesty of her smile. I remembered it from a Dallas hotel bar. "It is all right, Bruce," she said. "I love you too, honey." And she returned her attention to the woman on the bed. “Yeah, I did. I even got a semi-hard-on when I was feeling her tits and she was copping a handful. I think she felt pretty good about doing that to me.”“I bet she did. I think things are going to progress quicker than I imagined.”The next night, Julie collected Melissa again, and spent a few minutes explaining what was planned before she took her up to the bedroom, where Dom was sat waiting, wearing only his boxers. Then she retreated to the landing to observe from a discreet distance. Dom. Even in the dim light, this woman glowed. Luminous alabaster skin was topped by thick, dark red hair cascading down her back. But what drew Ami's attention were her tattoos. They were exposed by her tank top, one on each deltoid. They appeared three dimensional, as if they were raised on her skin. One was a black symbol, the other a half electric blue, half black circle. Ami had no idea what they represented, but it didn't matter. She couldn't stop staring at them. When she emerged from her. . too quiet. People couldn’t look each other in the eye, or in some cases they hugged each other, as Amos quickly did with him. He didn’t even try to hide his need for solace. He also hugged Tara, who was as confused as Damien, but still embraced people all the same.“What ... what’s going on?” he finally asked Amos, who had to wipe his eyes of tears.“The ... bosses, the editors, they’ve ... they’ve been killed by a bomb that was set off at their hotel. It was clearly meant for them, because the.
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