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He carefully took out his prizes: red silky panties, plain white panties, elastic panties… He started trying them on one by one, feeling his cock ge...ting harder. He would imagine himself as a real sissy boy, a slave to his desire, enjoying the feeling of light fabric against his skin. He stroked his cock a couple of times while imagining various scenarios that involved him wearing the panties. And he did – he used to wear these stolen panties to work, and that gave him such a rush. He would. When I went to join her in the kitchen, onetowel to cover boobs and hips with another over my hair, she'd made us apot of tea. It would have been more welcome if she hadn't spilled sugarand milk on the side without bothering to wipe it up."You'll have to go to my flat and get yourself some stuff, while wethink through what we're going to do." It sounded like she'd alreadydecided this was the plan."I can't go there, like this!" Neither can I - like this. What are people going to say when. As a TSgt in the USAF, I lived in a tent a little ways away from the officers tents. I worked closely with a female Captain who was in charge of communications. She was hot as fuck. Trying to maintain a professional relationship was a pain in the ass when every time I had to deal with her, I had a fucking stone hard rigid dick. Her name was Ashley and I wish I could tell you her last name but I won't. She was a redhead with blue eyes and stood about 5" 6". Anyway, I worked 14 hour night. "Calming down is a good idea." That's my girl," Kayla licked her lips, reaching under his dress andsoftly rubbing him for a moment with her thumb. "Let's focus on thebirthday girl, and then I think I might finally be ready for you in yourbirthday suit. You think you can do that for me, party girl?" Oh Kayla?" moaned Alex, dying inside."Well?" said Kayla, pulling her hand away, raising her brows. "Soundgood?" Sounds like this is the night I've been waiting for all my life, Kayla,"replied Alex,.
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