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I was just mulling over in my head how to get the girls especially Char to swear an oath of secrecy when Amy told me that they had a plan all along th...t Char was next, and she was smiling wide as Amy broke the news. I was very uncomfortable with this even after all that happened and Amy being naked n front of me even at that moment. But they held all the cards, obviously I wasn't going to tell but would they? Only one way forward for me and that was whatever they said and they knew it, I knew I. I walked to the cells and had a look at our prisoners. They werea mixed bunch: young and old, male and female. One of the prisoners attractedmy attention. She was a good looking young woman in her mid-twenties. I calledthe sergeant who had been placed in charge of the prisoners across from hiscard game. ?Who is she?? He checked his sheet. ?I don't remember her name but that will be on the sheet.She's a school teacher; I do know that ? she only came in ten minutes ago.? ?Give me a piece of. There was nothing she could do for herself now. This was the end.She hoped that he wouldn't kill Hywel as well. He didn't deserve it; all he'd done was look after her. She tried to beg for his mercy but then she was gagged."Bitch, I don't want to hear you. Now take your punishment. Shall I make it long and slow and let him see you suffer or quick so I can get on with my life. I think I would enjoy watching you slowly bleed to death but time is money."She suddenly felt a sharp instrument plunge. "Bill had to calm himself at her words. Her story, what he could remember of it, plucked at his heart strings. He wanted to help this mother and her children, but he thought he could do it and still live out a couple of fantasies. He had a brief concern about living with his conscience if he was successful with his idea. "They really need help thought," Bill rationalized to himself. "There isn't anything wrong with getting something out of helping them," he consoled his conscience."Well," he.
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