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. we have been living together for the last two months Dad.”“Living together?”“Yes Dad,” she answered. “He moved in with me. We have been ...oing out together for five months now and well... it makes economic sense.”The sudden realisation that she really was an adult now hit hard. The little girl that I helped to walk, taught to ride a bike, paid for her driving lessons and bought the first car for her was no longer a child but a woman now.“Are you okay Dad?”I got a grip of my emotions. “Yes.... As I enjoyed the feel of her pussy on my stiff prick I recalled how tight she,d been just a few years previous but the quest for more pleasure costs a price and her loose pussy bore the cost. This very same woman had also once told me that she would never let another Male cock penetrate her, but that changed a few years later with my blessing. I,d fantasised having sex with her and another Male since we first “fooled around” and often thought of it till it actually happened. Booze had fuelled. "Hey, sorry about the towel. I didn't realize you lived so close and I just got out of the shower." I couldn't muster up the willpower to say anything so I just nodded. "You can go wait in my room if you want, I'll just be another second." Once again, I nodded. He turned around to lead me to his room and I saw him grinning widely.Once I found his room, he left to go change in the washroom, which was right across the hall. He shut the door but didn't completely close it so I still could see a. While I was thinking about what he said he placed his hand on my leg. As his hand slowly moved up my leg he said, getting married is the same as buying a car. I love everything about you but before I make that leap to marriage I would have to, you know get a test drive. The only thing on my mind at that moment was the word marriage. I didn't complain as he pulled my cotton panties down, I was still thinking about what he said as he pulled me down and spread my legs. I was ready to let him get a.
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