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But we rarely get new members who are interested in what goes on in the Cabal. Our real purpose is to minimize the threat a rogue Voice may represent.... He broke, balls rolling slowly to a halt around the table."Rogue voice?" Jorge sank a solid, tried to line up another shot only to have the cue ball drop."Some idiot who draws attention to the rest of us." Is this a frequent threat?" No, since the rogue is likely to be poorly practiced, and real obvious about how he makes trouble. We even know. ' "Not very well, but I tried. I promise I'll do better."She growled in the base of her throat. Kane added to her growl, ready to support the alpha female no matter what.Desperate to sound less useless, I perked up. "I saved what I could! It's in a bowl in the freezer." Really." She didn't sound less disappointed. "Show me."We went to the kitchen and I took out the frozen bowl."It's not much, is it, for two matings."I hung my head. "No, Ma-am." "It's better than nothing." She took the bowl from. And anyway, lets just get through this and no one will notice. We'rejust buying a few more clothes and leaving." Ok," came the reluctant answer.As Ryan went off to stare at packages of tights, James went up to Aliciaand began explaining that, "My daughters are new to ballet, but they needthe right attire for their first class. They have also started on the"Soul Sista's" squad, so can you make sure that they get everything theyneed." Of course," Alicia said sweetly, "I think they can select. Oxy pulled her leg in as she hit the release for the maintenance door and pulled the manual kill switch. I heard the hiss as the robot shut down and hovered in place. I ran in and hooked up my handheld to hack the memory and got a digital copy of the minefield layout. I put the robot on permanent standby and hoped nobody realized that it had been powered down. Being on standby would show up on the monitors as solar cells recharging.Ten yards to our left was the start of a path that zig-zagged.
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