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"Yes, very nice Tammy," he responded. "You should dress like this more often." Please... come in," she whispered urgently, her eyes flitting over his ...houlder to see if any neighbors might be passing by."If you want me to come in, you'll need to tell me what you want, Tammy."The young housewife bit her lip. She remembered Eric's instructions of the day before all too well.When she hesitated just a moment too long, she saw the look of rejection forming in his eye."Please Eric... come in and fuck. ” “Yes, baby, do that for us,” said Mommy. “Do it slowly, like a Real Woman would, like you’re teasing.” Cassy thought this sounded like fun! Like a present unwrapping itself at Christmas for Mommy and Daddy, and then they’d be even happier and more horny for fucks. MAYBE I’LL EVEN GET ONE TONIGHT, TOO! She stood, faced them, already two buttons undone on her pretty white blouse. She thought to herself…I’ll pretend I’m a grown-up woman and I want a lot of fucks. Cassy moved her feet. I was churning from side to side…his breath on me. Brett was at my ear, whispering “I didn’t want this. I love you darling.” I could only grunt and mumble and lift for more.Brett was whispering but was he also fucking me? I wasn’t sure. I couldn’t tell. I didn’t care about it…I was all senseless and I abandoned myself in lust and was humping on this great tool which searched inside and up to my throat , chewing on it as if it was in my throat and I went numb. I couldn’t breathe, the. I downloaded the pictures to the computer, and got everything set up for her to get home. She came home, all ready to fuck again&hellip,but I just pointed to the computer. There on the screen, cycling through, were several pictures of her and the two guys at the park. She sat down and started crying, asking if I was going to divorce her. I told her no, but she was going to be punished. I explained that to make it up to me, she was going to have to do some things, and follow my directions.
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