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" Why? I asked.Ginny went on to explain how her mother would fall asleep drinking. She said that this worried her for she smoked as she drank so she w...rried in case her mother would set the house on fire and went on to explain she always stayed awake on occasions like this, then got up and made sure everything was ok."Then I make her as comfortable as I can, cover her up with a blanket, put the lights out and go back to bed. It was because I do this that I had the time to think about the things. To better understand this story you may want to read the first chapter. Thank you to all my faithful readers. As always, please vote, leave comments, and send feedback. Please enjoy!! — When Lori woke the next morning, she found herself in unfamiliar settings. She was in a big bed in a blue bedroom. The bed was big enough for two, but she was alone in it. After a moment she remembered where she was: Jonah Blacbrook’s bedroom. She smiled at that. Where was he? she wondered. He had to still be. She was my one true love and I could not take it if she left me in such a manner. I was after all, doing this for her.I set up the meeting in a restaurant. I had a difficult time getting Cindy to go there. It took everything I had to get her up, dressed and out the door. I was a nervous wreck by the time we got there. I let her drive I was so wasted from my cajoling and shoving and begging.Arriving there, we sat down at the little table, set up for two. He was just across from her at a similar. Nothing naughty, just platonic, ok?’‘You’ve got a date’ I replied. I turned up and Susan, true to her dress code, was wearing just a tee-shirt and sweat pants. I, thinking that she was joking about the platonic bit, wore cargo trousers and no pants and a shirt. ‘You weren’t put off then. Come on through. I just done a spagbog. We sat down to eat and the food was really good. And after getting through a bottle of wine between us, we were nicely chilled. I broke the ice asking her why she never.
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