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I nodded my head vigorously, muttering a soft, "Yes, sir."We reached my room, and Dallen immediately pushed me onto the bed, commanding for me not to ...ove. He stripped off all of his clothes, other than his boxers, and made his way towards me. I was ordered to stand up and immediately shot to my feet. He began by telling me to raise my arms in the air. I did so, watching him take off my shirt, revealing my pert tits.He unbuckled my belt, tossing it on the bed (probably for later use) and yanked. ’ I am acting so cute and coy, but inside I’m dying because I can’t believe what I know I’m about to say. ‘Could you, ah, um,… give me a spanking?’ He swallows hard, his eyes get huge, then he babbles, ‘Wh-what? What did you say?’ Repeating it is somehow even more humiliating. ‘Please, could you spank me? Spank my bottom. Please,… I’ve been bad and deserve it.’ This took him aback a bit. I could almost see the wheels turning in his head. I looked too good to be true, with my bubble-butt, my. I didn’t think anymore of it as we had more drinks. I even gave the landlord and a few others a few glimpses of my stocking tops as I crossed my legs on the stool. It was funny my end of bar was getting busier and my BF liked the attention I was getting too.After drinking for an hour I headed off to toilet as I was bursting. I headed for different toilet as its nearer but you have to go near private quarters. Anyway after unloading my full bladder I headed back to the bar. Just then it was the. Under the counter I could see trays of gloves,stockings, bras, and panties. On the wall behind shelves were laden withboxes, each bearing a neat, hand-written label announcing what itcontained. In a quick glance I read; 'slips - full'; 'slips - half';'girdles - short; high-waist; panty'....and so on. Beyond, in the furtherrecesses of the shop I could see racks of women's clothing - dresses,skirts, blouses, and jackets; in both muted and bright colours andpatterns. Yet more shelves held wigs in.
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